What happened to the Google sync feature? (iOS)

It got better! In iOS 4 Apple introduced the ability create calendar events natively in the API. This not only allows for syncing to any calendar on your device, it is also much more reliable than the old Google API. As of version 1.52, the old Google sync feature was only visible to users who had this setting turned on. Once turned off (or in new installs), this was hidden in favor of the new sync method. As of version 1.65, the old Google sync has been completely removed. You are encouraged to check out Google's instructions for setting up a calendar on your iOS device. http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?answer=138740 for Exchange or here http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?answer=151674 for CalDAV

How can I see the hours I've entered from a week or more ago?

There are two ways to do this. In the settings menu, you can set the number of weeks back you'd like to display on the home screen. You can also view any entry ever entered by scrolling to the bottom of the home screen and tapping "History." From here you can view all entries for passed dates. In addition, you can view monthly and yearly totals and enter "catch-up" hours to include work hours prior to using My Hours.

My Shifts picker has entries that I'd like to remove. How do I do that?

Tap the "Settings" or "Menu" button on the home screen and choose "Preset Shifts". You can swipe to delete entries or tap the "Edit" button to manage your list.

I work multiple jobs. How can I setup My Hours to show which job is associated with each entry?

Tap the "Settings" button on the home screen and turn on "Multiple Jobs / Places." If there are no jobs created, you will be prompted to create one. You are asked to choose a code and a color for each job, which is displayed next to each entry. You can create additional jobs by going to "Settings" and choosing "Jobs / Places."

I'm trying to enter a shift and My Hours keeps telling me there's a conflict when there isn't!

When you create an entry in which the end time is before the start time, the end time will be created the following day. This is by design to accommodate shifts that begin late at night and end early in the morning.

This can create a problem if you mistakenly enter "PM" instead of "AM" for your start time and you edit the start time to correct but do not also edit the end time.

If you create an entry such as 08:00 PM to 02:00 PM for today, the date for the start time will be March 25, 2010 08:00 PM and the end time will be March 26, 2010 02:00 PM. When you realize your mistake, you can either delete the shift and re-enter, or you can navigate to the details and edit the times. If you choose the latter and only change the start time "PM" to "AM", the end time remains the following day and your shift spans 8:00 today to 2:00 PM tomorrow. Any subsequent shift you add for today will of course be in conflict with this shift.

To correct this, just navigate to the details and tap the end time and tap save. The time will be re-saved for that day. Or you can delete the shift and re-enter.

The next update will include warning the user when this condition is detected.

How can I export entries to a file?

In the week view, scroll down and tap the History button. In each of the history views (all, years, months), tapping the action button on the right side of the nav bar will create an comma-separated values (CSV) file and attach it to an email for you. From there, just specify a recipient and tap send.

I've added or changed a pay rate but the week total is incorrect.

Adding or changing a pay rate does not affect shifts created prior to the change. Only shifts entered after the pay rate was modified will be affected.

How is overtime calculated?

To enter an overtime rate, tap the "Settings" button and select "My Pay" (if in multiple job mode, tap "Jobs / Places" -> (Job Name) -> "Pay and Breaks"). From there select "Overtime Pay Rate". Enter a rate and select the number of hours per shift or week that overtime kicks in. Overtime pay will not appear separately from normal pay. The total including regular pay and overtime will appear in the week header.

If you have a question not addressed here, please send it to support@myhoursapp.com. Please make sure you have the latest version installed.